Your dining Venue

With our authentic, undiluted experience, we’ve introduced a unique regional home style
dining experience just for you and your family.

Hotel Ambassador Retreat's restaurant is catered by acclaimed Chefs serving blends of Indian
seasonality with global inspiration. Experience your favourite contemporary dishes from all across
India with a variety in tastes & styles with the complements of our experienced chefs.

Our Restaurant

Our all day dining restaurant has a chic ambience and an authentic Indian soul, with a multi-cuisine menu that includes melt-in-the-mouth pan Asian dishes, as well as classic and contemporary Indian delicacies. Our specially curated tasting menu is also paired with complementary side dishes, guarantee an unforgettable dining experience.


Check Out Our Best Sellers

Chicken Biryani

"Classic biryani can justly be called the crown jewel of Indian cuisine, a dream dish that should not be missed."

It is a luxurious delight known worldwide and loved by all. Beautiful melange of chicken layered with long grain basmati rice and then slow cooked (dum) to perfection.

Misti Pulao

Basanti Pulao (Holud Mishti Pulao, Bengali Sweet Polao) is a mildly sweet rice preparation very popular in Bengal. It is served with Kosha Mangsho (Bengali Mutton Curry) for all festivals and special occasions. Learn to make it in a traditional way (vegetarian, gluten-free).

Sahi Paneer With Laccha Paratha

Velvety smooth gravy, soft cubes of paneer and a tonne of flavour makes this dish truly royal. This is a Punjabi version of Shahi Paneer which is why the gravy is orange-ish and not white. It is served with our special laccha parathas for ahearty meal.

Motton Kosha

Mutton kosha is an iconic Bengali delicacy. The word kosha is similar in meaning to bhuna, which involves slowly cooking a gravy over low flame for a very long time to get a rich, dark-brown gravy and melt-in-the-mouth mutton pieces.

Kesar Badam Matka Kulfi

Matka Kulfi is an Indian no-churn ice cream where milk is thickened with chopped nuts and saffron before freezing them in terracotta moulds known as matka.